Secretary Women’s Parliamentary Caucus shocked and deeply concerned about the child abuse case in district Kasur

Islamabad the 11th January, 2018: MNA Shaista Pervaiz Malik has expressed her deep shock, concern and anguish regarding the blatant kidnapping, raping and murder of a nine year old girl child, Zainab, in district Kasur. ”This is yet another dreadful example of prevailing paganism, perversion, and frustration that our society seems to be beset with ! The child’s rape and murder is absolutely unforgivable and a heinous crime which must be confronted and dealt with on war footing at all levels !” she said.  “We cannot tolerate any more such victimized Zainabs and this has to be put to an end at social, legal and judicial fronts. Everyone has to assume their respective responsibilities to eliminate such vices from our society. Legal frameworks, judicial activism, and parameters for access to negative websites and media would have to be reviewed. I promise that we, as women parliamentarians, will go to any extent to ensure that any loose ends within our legal frameworks are tied, implementation of legal frameworks and access to justice is guaranteed as a corporate responsibility, and that our basic social, cultural and religious values are restored!” she stated.

Secretary Women’s Parliamentary Caucus, MNA Shaista Pervaiz Malik has sought exemplary punishment for the culprits. She said that stringent measures with holistic approach would be required after undertaking situational analysis. On behalf of the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus, she will shortly convene a consultation of key stakeholders including representatives from law enforcement and district administration, civil society, academia and the media in order to find a resolve to this growing frustration and sickness of minds in the society.