Resolution on International Women Day

WPC passed resolution on 8th March 2013 on International Women Day. On this occasion parliament pays tribute to the women of Pakistan for their commendable efforts and ensuring their rightful place in all spheres of life, whereby the family institution is strengthened, communities are empowered and nation are built.  

Today we wish to honor is Dr Fahmida Mirza and congratulate her.

This House recalling that the United Nation theme for today’s International W omen Day is “ A Promise is a Promise: time for action to end violence against women” and transmits to the 14th National Assembly to table Domestic Violence Bill for considering and enactment.

Further, this House strongly recommends to the speaker of the 14th National Assembly to carry forward the work and momentum of the speaker of the 13th National  Assembly in establishing a WPC to advance the women agenda  in line with the constitutional and international commitments of the state of Pakistan.