Resolution condemning the barbaric attacks by Israeli armed force on the besieged territory of Gaza

On 20th November 2012 House strongly condemns the barbaric attacks by Israeli armed force on the besieged territory of Gaza, as result which hundreds of innocents’ men, women and children have been killed or wounded. These illegal acts of aggression have again exposed the brutal nature of the Israeli Government, which has been emboldened to take such unilateral military action, amounting to state terrorism, because because no punitive action has been taken against it by international community for its previous transgressions and violations of international law

This House salutes the valiant Palestinian people, who have withstood decades of tyranny and hardship with courage and resolve, firm in their faith and conviction that their righteous cause shall prevail and that the establishment of an independent state of Palestine will be a reality in the very near future. This House calls upon the International community, including the particular the United Nations, to act immediately to bring to an end the wanton use of Military power by the Israeli regime, which has cause death, destruction and terror and is a clear threat to world peace. Full support should be extended to the oppressed Palestinian people, so that they can live their live with dignity and honor.

This House also condemns the continuing failure of the Government to Mynamar to protect the ethnic and religious Rohingyo Muslim minority community. This House once again calls upon the Myanmar Government to perform its constitutional, legal and moral duties in this regard and take immediate steps to stop the violence against this community, which has led to the displacement of thousands of people. This House also urges Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi to play her role to protect these helpless people and ensure that they are treated as equal citizens.