Women’s Parliamentary Caucus perturbed over the rape of a young female patient in PIMS – seeks strict and prompt action!

 The Secretary Women’s Parliamentary Caucus (WPC) MNA Shaista Pervaiz Malik has expressed her shock and deep concern over the rape of a 20-year- old disabled girl from Swat who has been under treatment in the ICU ward of the Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) for past two months. Secretary WPC said that members of the WPC and she herself strongly condemn this inhuman and heinous act. As the Prime Minister of Pakistan has already taken a strong notice of this incident, she hopes that the culprit would soon be brought to justice and be given an exemplary punishment. Secretary WPC also said that in order to cleanse the society from such ills, strict punishments should be given to the perpetrators and effective mechanisms for monitoring and accountability of crimes against women and girls of all ages should be established at the earliest. She further added that a bill in this regard has already been tabled in before the two Houses of the Parliament that attempts to plug the existing legal and procedural gaps to ensure optimum control and elimination of such disgusting occurrences. MNA Shaista Malik said that the media also needs to do a reality check on what it presents and how; and what impact it’s programs have on the society. She said that “our vibrant media needs to play a pivotal role in controlling this degeneration and perversion in the society that is resulting in such appalling crimes, where the respect of women regardless of her age or condition is being utterly disregarded.”