Roundtable Conferences

1st Roundtable Conference

WPC organized a Roundtable conference “Strengthening Women’s Representation in Political and Legislative Process” on 29th September, 2011 that consisted of women participants from all provincial assemblies; members of the National Assembly and Senate; NADRA; ECP and the civil society. As a result of the conference a consensus was build to ensure a minimum of 10% quota for women in all the provincial Assemblies, National Assembly and Senate.

 The second Roundtable Conference was organized in October 2012, on the topic of 'Positioning of Women’s Agenda in the Policy Making of Political Parties' that aimed at advocating for women's participation and meaningful role in the policy and decision making levels within the party structures. The Conference concluded on a unanimous resolution passed by the participants including the parliamentarians and their respective party leaders/ representatives.

2nd Round table Conference on the State of Women Policing in Pakistan

Women’s Parliamentary Caucus is held second roundtable on state of Women Policing in Pakistan in November 2014. The objective of the Round Table was to reemphasize the importance of women policing in peace-building and security, assess and improve the dismal condition of women policing and to evaluate and monitor implementation of previous recommendations of the report forwarded to the Interior Ministry by WPC.

Speaker National Assembly, Minister of State for Interior, Parliamentarians, representatives from Provincial WPCs, National Police Bureau and men and women police officers participated in the Roundtable