Message of Secretary WPC, MNA Shaista Pervaiz Malik

Dear Readers,

AsSalaamo Aliakum !!

On behalf of the members of the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus (WPC), I welcome you all to this reconstructed website that has been re-launched to keep you better informed about our work and activities. In this newly designed website, we will try to not only optimally keep you updated but would also like to keep it interactive with you on substantive and topical issues. In this way we would like to stay in touch with our readers and seek your guidance and inputs on various issues that you feel we might be able to address.  

Although the main purpose of WPC is to strengthen the representative, oversight and legislative roles of women parliamentarian by providing them a niche to emerge as a collective voice on women issues across the board, we have also, from this platform, extended beyond women specific issues and have contributed our share in many significant areas that we felt needed our attention and support in the Parliament House.

As you are aware, the WPC has successfully undertaken a lot of pro-women legislation, our focus is now on the implementation of those laws. We are also reviewing and addressing the emerging issues and gaps in those and any other existing legislation that impede implementation including inadequate human and financial resources. In any case, the needs and concerns of women remain our priority and we stand committed to address the issues collectively as a joint responsibility. For us, all legislation and policy making has to be gender and human rights responsive and the implementation of these laws, policies and plans are therefore, being constantly monitored.

I hope that you will find this website useful to gain insight into the WPC’s work and activities.   
With sincere thoughts,

Pakistan Zindabad !!
Shaista Pervaiz Malik (MNA)
Secretary WPC