ISLAMABAD: Women Parliamentary Caucus (WPC) called upon its distinguished members from the National Assembly & Senate of Pakistan on Tuesday for a General Assembly meeting. The meeting was called by the Secretary of the Women Parliamentary Caucus Madam Munazza Hassan. The agenda of the meeting was to build consensus on the child marriage restraint bill about to be passed in the National Assembly. This happened in the wake of the recent partnership between UN Women & WPC to work together for advancing the women’s empowerment and gender equality agenda, which is central to Pakistan’s efforts towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.
Representatives from both houses were part of the meeting on Tuesday. The strategy presentation for communication, research support & legislative gap analysis was presented in front of the general assembly. Later, the new website of WPC was launched which was well received by the members. The General Assembly was also shown the Introductory documentary of the WPC to increase their knowledge about the previous achievements of the WPC
In the last part of the meeting the members were shown a presentation on Child Marriage and its adverse impact on the society. The presentation was to encourage discussion on the issue to eventually build consensus since the child marriage restraint act has recently been presented. “The timing is important and the issue is pertinent, we must move together now if we want a better future for our daughters and children”, said Secretary WPC Munazza Hassan. She also urged the members to come together and build a consensus through WPC. “Child marriages issue lies at the core of efforts WPC has been doing to improve condition of women and girls” She said in her closing remarks.