About Secretary

Ms. Munaza Hassan

Secretary WPC

Munaza Hassan started her political career in 1996 and joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), determined to change the status quo and end corruption. She is one of the earliest members of PTI and a member of the party’s central executive and core committees. She was in-charge of Imran Khan’s campaign in Lahore in 1997 and 2013 general elections.

In 1997, Munaza Hassan was appointed as PTI’s Punjab women’s wing President. Later, she went on to contest the intra-party elections in 2012 and was elected the President of PTI’s women’s wing.

In 2013, Munaza Hassan was elected as Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan for the first time on a reserved seat for women from Punjab. In the National Assembly Munaza Hassan served as a member of the Standing Committees on Human Rights, Privatization and Law and Justice. She was also one of the most active members the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus (WPC) as she was a member of Working Council of the WPC.

In 2018, Munaza Hassan was re-elected to the National Assembly of Pakistan on a reserved seat. She has continued her commitment for women’s rights and is now serving as the Secretary Women’s Parliamentary Caucus. Munaza Hassan received her education in Lahore. She studied from leading educational institutions of Lahore including Queen Mary School and the Kinnaird College. Munaza Hassan has also been elected as Chairperson of the standing Committee on Climate Change in February, 2019. Besides this she is also members of the very important Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Public Account Committee.

Munaza Hassan has always had interest in improving the lives of the people of her country and had throughout been involved in social work that brought her attention towards the plight of women in the society. Her focus of interest has since been the women empowerment at all levels. Her interest in contributing to improve the lives of the people of her country had inspired her to join politics with a commitment to eradicate corruption and vices from the society that was key to the emancipation of her country’s citizenry. Her commitment ‘increases and strengthens by the day” as she quotes at every occasion.