Policies for Persons with Disabilities

It is the first institutional effort by the state to start the institutionalization of the special people in Pakistan. Under this Regulation , the National Council for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities, established to develop strategies for employment, rehabilitation and welfare of disabled people. Council granted a medical examination, treatment and examination of persons with disabilities who are willing to be rehabilitated.

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The national policy for persons with disabilities was carried out after a long process of consultation with all stakeholders and the relevant federal ministries including science and technology, Housing and Works, Labor, Health, Human Resources, as well as relevant departments and prominent NGOs.

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The National Action Plan (NPA) proposed measures to implement the National Policy for Persons with Disabilities in 2002. The (NPA) based on the philosophy that access, integration and equal opportunities for persons with disabilities is not possible with isolated operations. Therefore, these services are designed in an integrated manner, pooling and mobilization of resources. NPA identified 17 important areas to assess the extent of the problem in the service delivery systems.

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In the context of the United Nations standard rules preconditions, required to ensure equal participation of persons with disabilities, the National Policy for persons with disabilities – 2002 strongly addresses the need to raise awareness, ensure rehabilitation of special persons and provide support services to them. Also in line with the implementation measures suggested by the UN Standard rules, the National Plan of Action – 2006 stresses access, inclusion and equalization of opportunities for Persons with Disabilities.

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Higher Education Commission (HEC) is committed to its founding objective that no one should be denied access to higher education in Pakistan, and this includes making possible equal opportunities of higher education for students with disabilities.

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