Empowering the Youth: Inclusion in Parliamentary Work and the Vital Role of Technology

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In the modern world, where technology is rapidly transforming every aspect of life, a significant paradigm shift is occurring in the realm of governance and policy-making. One of the most prominent areas that have seen this transformation is the increased emphasis on youth participation and inclusion in parliamentary work, leveraging the vast potential of technology. This blog will explore how involving young people in parliamentary proceedings and connecting them through technology is creating waves of change in global political landscapes.

Youth: An Untapped Force for Change

A population that is often marginalized in political discussions is the youth. They are often seen as inexperienced and not mature enough to contribute effectively to complex policy-making procedures. However, this perception is quickly changing. Young people today are more informed, educated, and globally connected than any other generation in the past. With their unique perspectives, innovative thinking, and their fresh energy, they can provide transformative solutions to contemporary problems.

The world is witnessing an increased call for youth participation in politics and decision-making processes. It is becoming more evident that to create sustainable policies, we must listen to the generation that will inherit the world we shape today.

The Technological Dimension

In this digital age, technology has become the lifeblood of youth culture, creating platforms where young people can voice their opinions, get informed, organize themselves, and most importantly, be heard. In the context of parliamentary work, technology can be a key enabler for youth participation.

Parliamentary procedures are traditionally complex, and the jargon used can be confusing. Technology can help bridge this gap. Digital platforms can make parliamentary work more accessible, understandable, and interesting to the younger generation. Websites, apps, and virtual reality experiences can demystify parliamentary proceedings and make them more transparent.

Live streaming of parliamentary sessions, instant updates on policy decisions, interactive platforms for public opinions, and online debates can foster an environment of inclusivity and accessibility. Moreover, technologies like blockchain could provide secure, transparent voting systems, facilitating youth involvement in decision-making processes.

Concrete Steps Towards Inclusion

While technology offers potential solutions, we must address structural barriers and ingrained perceptions that prevent youth involvement. Here are some ways we could approach this:

  • Youth Parliaments: Establishing Youth Parliaments, both at national and international levels, can serve as a great platform for young individuals to engage in political discussions.
  • Capacity Building: Offering training programs to equip the youth with the knowledge and skills required to understand and engage in political processes.
  • Legislative Reforms: Updating electoral laws to encourage youth participation in elections and lowering the eligible age for parliamentary candidacy can be impactful.
  • Technology in Education: Incorporating technology in the education system can familiarize youth with its uses in a political context, preparing them for active participation.

The Road Ahead

The inclusion of youth in parliamentary work, aided by technology, is not just a matter of fairness; it is a necessary step towards creating a future that is resilient, inclusive, and sustainable. It is about shaping a world where every voice is heard, every perspective is considered, and every decision is made with a vision for the future. As we continue to navigate the intricate path of political evolution, the role of the youth and the power of technology cannot be underestimated.

There’s no better time than now to involve our youth in parliamentary proceedings, leveraging technology to amplify their voices. This is not just about empowering the youth; it’s about empowering our societies, our nations, and our world, ensuring we create a future that belongs to all of us. The promise of a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow lies in our ability to harness the potential of our young, making every stride count on this journey.

Author: Waqar Ul Shams