Date Resolution Title
13th May 2016
The House strongly condemns the brutal attacks on women in various cities
14th March 2013
Resolution condemning the practice discouraging girl child education in any form of practice
12th March 2013
Resolution condemning the practice of corporal punishment
8th March 2013
Resolution on International Women Day
20th November 2012
Resolution condemning the barbaric attacks by Israeli armed force on the besieged territory of Gaza
12th September 2012
Resolution on making all public buildings accessible for individual with physical disability
9th July 2012
Resolution on making legislation to ensure survival development, protection and participation of children without any discrimination
13th August 2009
House congratulate the first women speaker Dr Fahmida Mirza and the Women Parliamentarians on establishing the Women Parliamentarian Caucus
20th January 2009
Resolution on the violation of women’s rights, civilian rights and human rights through terrorist action in Swat
18th December 2008
Resolution condemning terrorist attacks in Islamabad Marriot and bombings in Mumbai