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International Women’s Day 2022

Women’s Parliamentary Caucus in collaboration with Islamabad Group celebrated International Women’s Day on March 7th, 2022, and organized a poet’s symposium in Islamabad. First Lady of Pakistan, Ms. Samina Arif Alvi graced the event with her presence as a chief guest. A big number of Senators, National Assembly members, diplomatic core, civil society, and academia were present at the event as special invitees. The theme of this year’s women’s day was to spread awareness on women’s rights and to showcase their strength through art and culture. Many eminent poetesses with diverse professional background recited their writings on women empowerment, equality, and non-discrimination.

General Secretary WPC, MNA Ms. Munaza Hassan paid gratitude to the First Lady for her presence, in addition to highlighting various initiatives of WPC including State-of-the-Art Website of WPC that exhibits gap analysis of Family Laws, Criminal Laws, and Cyber Laws of Pakistan. Chairman Islamabad Group, Mr. Muhammad Amjab shared his view on the effectiveness of poetry as a soft medium to spread awareness on women’s rights. Subsequently, all the poetesses presented their poetry to the audience one-after-another.

 First Lady Ms. Samina Arif Alvi distributed certificates amongst the nominated iron ladies in honor of their striking performances. First Lady also disseminated certificates to all the poetesses who participated in the event and summed up her speech by encouraging WPC to always take the lead on gender-centric issues. She appreciated all the poetesses for vigilantly penning down impartiality and fairness principles and guaranteed her support to Women’s Parliamentary Caucus.

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