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PLS Briefing (Introductory Session) with the WPC Members

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WPC Office, Parliament House, Islamabad- Anthro Insights conducted an introductory session for the members of the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus (WPC) titled PLS Briefing (Introductory Session) with the WPC Members,’ on 22nd June 2022 at the National Assembly of Pakistan. Secretary WPC Ms. Shahida Rehmani started the session where she put forward a thank you note and stressed the significance of PLS briefing for women legislators, especially for the members of WPC by institutionalizing PLS for the first time in the Caucus’s history. The chair assured everyone of her support for conducting PLS training at the regional level, in order to evaluate the impact of the laws across the country.

Thereafter, PLS expert Mr. Ali Mujtaba Zaidi from Anthro Insights briefed the members on the seven main stages of PLS ‘from defining a clear intent of the law to making a check on its post-impact and implementation status.’ He further explained the prime responsibility of legislators to correctly address any social problems via legal tools e.g., legislating bills or amendments. Secondly, executive bodies must be held responsible for implementing the intent of the law by way of secondary legislation to timely address any of such social concerns. Throughout the introductory session, members enthusiastically raised questions on different technical steps of PLS. The session was closed with a detailed discussion on citizens’ awareness and engagement for the effective implementation of any law and how PLS can contribute to this cause.