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Meeting of the Working Council of Women’s Parliamentary Caucus (WPC)

WPC office, Parliament House, IslamabadA meeting of the Working Council of the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus was held under the Chairpersonship of the Honorable Secretary WPC , Dr Shahida Rehmani on 9th June 2022 commenced with the recitation of the verses from the Holy Quran. At the onset, the Honorable Secretary WPC extended the note of thanks towards the respectable member Parliamentarians of the Working Council for their support all along.

Working Council in light of the recommendation of Honourable Speaker of National Assembly in the last meeting decided that the caucus will work immediately on Electoral Reforms and Gender budgeting. It was unanimously decided to make two committees on Gender Budgeting and Post Legislative Scrutiny.  Dr. Nafisa Shah was nominated as chairperson of the committee on Gender Budgeting and Ms. Wajiha Akram was nominated as chairperson of the committee on Post legislative Scrutiny.

Working Council made some important recommendations. It was decided that WPC will visit police stations, Jails, Dar ul Aman, Shelter Homes, provincial caucuses, and provincial commissions on the status of women in order to inquire about on-ground issues faced by women. It will invite women from all walks of life to inquire about their issues. In this regard, WPC will arrange weekly meetings, and the first meeting will be held in the upcoming week with women journalists.

Caucus will also work on strengthening its relationship with caucuses around the globe. WPC will visit NADRA, ECP, Islamic Ideology Council, and Ministry of Narcotics and highlight the issues of persons with disabilities, transgenders, depleting water resources, and increased use of drug abuse will be highlighted. A digital communication group will be formed in which only admin will be allowed to post. The meeting was concluded on a note of thanks.

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